Video lectures & Live Streams (We Do it for You)

Mind: only the requests for video lectures in lecture rooms that serve this purpose are attended to (Cz7, Cz9, Cz10, Aula/Cz24, Cz115, Cz120, Cz121, Dz1, Dz2, Gz101, Wz1, CubeZ1a, CubeZ1b, CubeZ1, CubeZ216, CubeZ217, CubeZ218, CubeZ219, CubeZ220, CubeZ222).

Before filling out the form, please inform yourself about our procedures.
All lectures  or seminars of this course
AV collects all schedule information from the system
Report possible data cancellations or other recording variant
On Demand or Live
You need to set the necessary moderator yourself.
The following data is necessary to create a moderation account.
Recording dates en locations

1 AUT fully automated recordings with a dome camera. 
2 JOYS manual recordings with a joystick operated dome camera. Note: limited capacity. Select this option only when it is necessary for your education, such as writing on the board
Mind! After submitting this form you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a request number in the subject field. Please report this number when you communicate with us.

In the second email you will receive confirmation that the application has been scheduled and additional information about the availability of the recording(s)/ Live stream(s) Please note: room changes are not automatically included in our system. Applicants are responsible for the timely notification of changes.

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