Request Form AV materials

Mind! If you want to submit a request for extra wireless microphones (only possible in GZ101, WZ1, DZ1, and DZ2) you need to contact IT Support yourself.

Wireless revers and wireless handheld microphone: It is only possible to use these microphones in:
- Az8, Az17, Az19, Az201, Az209, Az210, Az211, Az414
- C 24 (Aula), Cz05, Cz7, Cz9, Cz10, Cz109, Cz110, Cz112, Cz114, Cz115, Cz120, Cz121, Cz123
- Dz1, Dz2
- Gz102, Gz104, Gz106,
- Sz31
- Wz1, Wz101, Wz105
In these lecture halls is also one desk microphone available. It is only possible to use 1 wireless microphone in the lecture hall. 

All the above equipment (except for the microphones and the notebook) have a day loan period and must be returned before 11.30 pm on the day they are borrowed 
When reserving a voice recorder, microphone or notebook please complete a starting and end date for the loan period. (A maximum of two weeks for a voice recorder, and a maximum of one semester for a microphone and a notebook.
Other remarks
In this box you can put additional information. For example, you can specify the time you need the equipment.
Loan Conditions AV Equipment
  1. The signer commits him-/herself to returning the equipment before the return date. Interim extension is NOT possible. The equipment is to be returned after the loan period.
  2. If on returning the equipment defects should be found that are not caused by normal use or normal wear, all costs involved in necessary repairs (incl. labor costs and parts) or possible replacement will be charged to the borrower.
  3. A copy of the ticket is always to be shown on returning the equipment or on applications for extension.
  4. It is not permitted to lend out loan equipment to third parties or to use it for private purposes.
  5. No repairs or changes are to be made to borrowed equipment without prior consent of the LIS Service Desk.
  6. Defects of borrowed equipment should be reported to the LIS Service Desk immediately.
  7. Fines: You will be charged a € 10 fine per device for the first day the device is late; every next day you will be charged an additional € 5 per day.
  8. Batteries of equipment borrowed are to be recharged before returning the equipment to the Library Support Desk

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